Child Support Attorney in Houston

Generally, the parent who does not have primary custody of the child is obligated to pay child support. While deciding the amount of monthly child support is relatively straight forward, an experienced family law attorney can ease the process and tackle all the complications along the way. Ashley Scott is a child support attorney in Houston that focuses in child support modifications. Call the Law Office of Ashley J. Scott today to make sure you are paying or receiving a fair amount in child support.

Calculating Child Support

The Texas Family Code provides guidelines to determine the amount of child support that must be paid. The Obligor must pay a set percentage of their net income to the primary care taker; the percentage is determined by the number of children the couple has.

Number of Children Percentage of Net income
1 Child  20% 
2 Children   25% 
3 Children   30% 
4 Children   35% 
5 Children 40% 
6 Children   No less than 40% 

The percentages may differ depending on certain circumstances of a party or a child.  These circumstances are determined on a case-by-case basis.  Ashley J. Scott, Attorney at Law, can help determine whether your case qualifies for an increase or decrease in the child support guidelines.

Child Support Modifications

There are certain circumstances in which one may petition to change the amount they pay or receive in child support.

A Houston family law attorney can plead for the court to grant a reduction or increase of child support. For this reason, it very important to file a motion to modify child support as soon as your situation, or a child’s situation, materially and substantially changes, even if adjusting support is not urgent.  Call the Law Office of Ashley J. Scott to set up a consultation and find out if your case is eligible for an increase or decrease in child support.


Complications may also arise after child support has been entered. The Law Office of Ashley J. Scott can represent a parent who is trying to collect child support from nonpaying parents, or represent an Obligor from whom child support is being sought.

Get the right Houston family law attorney on your side. Call Ashley Scott, child support attorney in Houston, at 713-255-2097 for a consultation.