Houston CPS Attorney

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) investigates reports of child abuse and neglect and is charged with defending the wellbeing of children throughout the state. Although the social workers of the DFPS have the best intentions, they too fall victim to the power of assumption. If you believe you have been wrongly accused of child abuse or neglect, you should immediately contact Houston family law attorney Ashley J. Scott. As a practicing CPS attorney in Houston, she can help you through the usually long and tedious legal process.

Challenging Child Protective Services

After the initial investigation, if the worker assigned to your case concludes that you are indeed guilty of child abuse (emotional, physical, or sexual) or neglect, CPS may take legal action to remove your child. Generally, the child is removed and temporarily placed with a qualified relative, or if none are available, in a foster home. Time of the essence when dealing with Child Protective Services.

The bases for neglect are broad and may include anything from abandonment to failure to procure proper medical care. Child abuse cases are particularly sensitive because sometimes the evidence may not be as it seems. DFPS bears the burden of proof in abuse and neglect cases.  But in either case, you should act quickly to ensure that you are following all the required steps to possibly reunite with your child.

Houston Family Law Attorney That Knows the CPS Process

Having your caretaking skills questioned by the DFPS can be an extremely frustrating and frightening experience for any parent. Do not wait to call an attorney if your child has been removed. Timing is critical in cases where DFPS and CPS are involved. Ashley J. Scott has the understanding and tenacious nature an attorney needs to effectively defend your family. Call a Houston CPS attorney at 713-255-2097 to inquire about our legal services.