Houston Divorce Modifications

A Court grants a Divorce Decree when dissolving a marriage. Property settlement is one of many issues that may be addressed. Additional matters addressed may be child custody, child support, and visitation. A party has the option to request a modification of these orders under certain instances. Ashley Scott is a Houston divorce modification attorney that focuses on legally changing child custody, child support, and visitation orders, whether the issue is contested or uncontested. Call the Law Office of Ashley J. Scott to learn more about submitting a motion for modification.

Houston Custody Modification

Modifications of custody agreements can be more difficult because public policy heavily favors stability and regularity in the child’s life.  Custody modifications take the following forms:
Mutual Agreement: Sometimes parents are able to agree on a new parenting plan. In this scenario, I draft the agreement and present it to the court for approval.
Contested Custody: In cases where a parent is seeking to modify custody of a child, an experienced family law attorney is essential for defending your parental rights.  There are specific, legal requirements that a party must meet.
Relocation: Relocation out of state or county may be prohibited under the original divorce decree or original order, depending on the language. I can represent either party in this instance.

The burden of proof may be different in each case depending on the time frame of when the modification is filed.  Therefore, it is important to have a reliable, experienced Houston family law attorney. I will vigorously assert or defend your position in court.

Houston Child Support Modification

Child support agreements can be modified if there has been a material and substantial change in circumstances after the Court has rendered a final order. Either party can petition for an increase or decrease in child support. Some of the circumstances for which a child support modification may be justified are:

  • Promotion, raise, or better employment
  • Financial hardship
  • Unemployment
  • Child reaches maturity
  • Child develops special needs and/or
  • Relocation.

I work with you to collect the evidence necessary to verify the need for a decrease or increase in child support payment.

Houston Visitation Modification

Under Texas Law, the Court presumes a Standard Possession Order is in the best interest of a child.  However, under certain circumstances, this may no longer be the case or the Standard Possession Order has become unworkable.  Under these situations, a party may be entitled to modify the visitation orders.

Life can throw unexpected challenges, and sometimes modifications are necessary to better fit the needs of one or both parties and/or the children. For more information about circumstances that warrant changes to your court orders and questions about the process, please contact your Houston divorce modification attorney, Ashley Scott, at 713-255-2097.