Houston Name Change Attorney: Legally Change Your Name

There are several reasons why one may petition for a name change. Legally changing your name can be a way to commemorate a new union or a way to reclaim your identity. While the process itself is relatively simple, it may be more efficient to hire a Houston name change attorney to help you get the paperwork right the first time around. The Law Office of Ashley J. Scott is fully equipped to lead you through the legal steps of the name change process. Call 713-255-2097 to learn more about your options.

Name Change After Marriage

Although tradition holds that a wife should take the last name of her husband, in the past few decades, the amount of people that keep their maiden name or hyphenate their last name has increased drastically. While these are all viable options, many consider changing their name several years after they have gotten married for the sake of simplicity. One reason to change your name may be to match the last name of your children.

Name Change After Divorce

One of the most common motivations behind a name change is a divorce or marriage annulment. The name chosen has to be a name that the ex-spouse has previously used. Naturally, name changes to evade the obligations of a divorce, credit payments, or criminal prosecution are prohibited.

Name Change of Children

One may apply to change the name of a child they have recently adopted. A parent may do this if the child is a minor. A name change can be a symbolic act that fully integrates your child into your family.

An experienced family law attorney can guide you through the necessary steps to completing a name change. Attorney Ashley J. Scott will be with you from the initial filing of the application to the fingerprinting and court appearance. Contact a Houston name change attorney today at 713-255-2097 to set up a consultation.