A Houston Protective Order Attorney That Keeps You Safe

In cases of domestic or family violence, a protective order or restraining order could provide you with the peace of mind you need to get on with your life. A Houston protective order attorney such as Ashley J. Scott can use the power of the law to keep you safe from destructive individuals.

When Should I File a Protective Order?

One should call a family law attorney if they feel threatened or have been physically harmed by a blood relative, relative by marriage, step-parent, significant other, former spouse, parent, individuals living in the same household, or foster parent/child.

Domestic violence covers both family violence and dating violence. Family violence covers individuals that are members of a family or persons living in the same household, without regard to whether they are related. It may also include child abuse.

One the other hand, dating violence applies to individuals that have or have had a continuous romantic or intimate relationship. Both may be grounds for requesting a protective order.

Reasons for Filing for a Protective Order

Protective orders are tools that help prevent domestic violence. These orders may prohibit the aggressor from committing further acts of violence, harassment (both direct and indirect) and coming within a certain distance of the victim.  Furthermore, the Court may order the offender to attend counseling programs.

If you have been a victim of domestic violence or you have had allegations of domestic violence held against you, you should immediately seek out a Houston protective order attorney. Call the Law Office of Ashley J. Scott at 713-255-2097 for a consultation regarding your motivations for seeking a protective order.