Houston Divorce Enforcement Attorney

Finalizing the divorce is only half of the process; having your ex-spouse follow through with the obligations outlined in the divorce decree is a separate issue. Ashley J. Scott is a Houston divorce enforcement attorney that can help you navigate the court system to ensure that all the requirements of the divorce agreement are fulfilled. The Law Office of Ashley J. Scott also takes on cases involving false accusations.

Divorce Enforcement Areas

There are several areas in which legal enforcement may be necessary. Some of the most common divorce enforcement cases involve:
Noncompliance with custody or visitation orders, such as denying visitation, relocation outside of a court ordered geographical restriction, or failure to return a child after visitation.
Failure to pay child support and/or spousal support
Refusal to complete the financial obligations ordered in a decree, such as payment of debts, liquidation of assets, division of communal property, etc.

In addition to valid enforcement claims, we also defend clients from ex-spouses who are making false allegations of noncompliance. Call 713-255-2097 to learn more about your rights as a parent and the legal options available.

An Experienced Enforcement Attorney

Enforcing a divorce agreement is an extremely sensitive process and can rehash healed wounds. Attorney Ashley J. Scott takes the time to listen to your situation and makes herself accessible to you. As an experienced family law attorney, she will review your divorce decree and give you her honest, professional opinion concerning your legal options.

If the situation requires a strong arm, Mrs. Scott is prepared to respond with aggressive litigation. Reaffirm your parental and spousal rights. Call the Law Office of Ashley J. Scott at 713-255-2097 for a pragmatic and cost-effective Houston divorce enforcement attorney.