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U.S. Supreme Court declares DOMA unconstitutional.
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From our office in Houston, Texas we at Katine Nechman McLaurin serve clients with immigration issues throughout Texas, the United States, and around the world. Though we handle immigration issues for people and businesses nationwide, the majority of our practice centers around issues in and around Houston, Texas. From our office, we are able to provide accessible and professional legal representation in a manner that benefits our clients, and we have amassed an exceptional list of contacts here and around the world to fulfill the domestic and international needs of both small and large businesses. Our immigration team is constantly monitoring developments on possible new comprehensive immigration reform legislation that may benefit our clients.

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Contact Katine Nechman McLaurin Today At Katine Nechman McLaurin, we are able to provide comprehensive and professional legal advice to both individuals and businesses. We speak on a variety of these topics and work on many issues important to the public. While our focus is on employment and investment-related immigration issues, our immigration practice also includes: Citizenship and naturalization Student and visitor visas Family-based immigration Employment-based immigration


Asylum and Withholding of Removal (In English and Español) Removal


Investor Visas

Compliance with Employment Laws Consular processing Immigration Issues Related to Employment and Investments One of our primary focuses is providing legal counsel to those seeking immigration assistance related to employment and investment visas. Every year, the United States grants a limited number of employment and investment visas to individuals seeking employment and business opportunities in the United States. To determine your best course of action, speak to us at Katine Nechman McLaurin.

GLBT and HIV/AIDS Immigration Issues

Many immigration issues are specific to the GLBT community and those with HIV/AIDS. We represent asylum seekers looking for protection from persecution, those in need of waivers from HIV inadmissibility, and those in binational relationships looking for legal ways to stay together in the United States. John Nechman, a former chair of the New York City-based organization Immigration Equality, is one of the most well known attorneys in the country on GLBT/HIV-related immigration issues. Call the Houston, Texas office of Katine Nechman McLaurin today to set up an appointment.

We speak often on a number of issues affecting our clients and community, participate in many activities that benefit the community, and have prepared publications on these issues. For legal advice about immigration issues, hire an experienced lawyer today by contacting us at Katine Nechman McLaurin. Visit our resource page to find links to other important immigration sites.